After ending a seven-year career in the US Navy working with the Marine Corps and Naval Special Warfare Center, Andy moved from San Diego back to his home state of Tennessee. While in the Navy, Andy was a Fleet Marine Force and CASEVAC Corpsman (combat flight medic) having over 190 combat missions in the Middle East.

In 2014, Andy earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Belmont University. The following year, he completed his Master of Business Administration from Lipscomb University. Although he pursued a career in cancer research at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, he felt a strong calling to instruct people once again.

The calling to help people prepare for medical emergencies led Andy to pursuing his purpose, transitioning into creating Better Tactics. When asked why he started Better Tactics, Andy stated,

“Creating Better Tactics gave me a purpose that I hadn’t felt since I was in the Navy. I wanted to influence people’s thinking process while in a stressful situation. Tactics isn’t how you look, but how you think about a situation. How do I get to a person who’s been shot, while I’m being shot at? Why am I being shot at? How do I not freak out? How do I help someone that is freaking out because they were shot? Teaching people skills that could possibly save a life is such a pleasure knowing students will be better prepared for someone’s worst day.”

As a Corpsman, we had to think the overall picture and how to step-up as a leader. Assess, decide and act. The assessment must be quick and at the same time understand how my decisions will affect the outcome of both patient and team.

Our MIssion


Our mission at Better Tactics is to provide the foundation for your medicine decision-making process while promoting the confidence and courage of providing care to someone who is in need. Active killings, threats, environmental injuries or other medical emergencies dictate the varying tactics used to addressing the situation. As with any training program, the fundamentals should be solid, because we build off the foundation we created. Our goal is to prepare your mindset and skills to be able to provide care.

 It is our personal pleasure to pass along the lessons we’ve learned. To educate you on this journey to becoming proficient in rendering care to someone you know or have never met. Your decision to learn this unnerving art of medicine is honorable and we thank you for stepping-up and becoming a Better Tactics student.