Crisis Medical Intervention Course (CMIC) follows TCCC guidelines for providing care in an emergency situation. With the unfortunate rise of active shooters in schools, churches and businesses, receiving medical training is a staple in preparing for someone's worst day. CMIC teaches medical interventions that can be applied to; active shooter casualties, environmental and recreational injuries, motor vehicle accidents, international unrests, combat missions and other medical emergency incidents.

In CMIC, we discuss the equipment used for treating patients and where to buy material to build multiple kits for home, office, car or backpacks. Next, the students will practice placing the interventions on another student. Lastly, we end the day in stress-inducing, realistic scenarios where students will apply the skills they learned.

Additional clothing that can be thrown away is desired for the scenario evolution.

What you will learn:

  • Medical Interventions

  • Direct Pressure

  • Pressure Dressings

  • Tourniquets

  • Hemostatic agents

  • Chest seals

  • Nasopharyngeals (Airway)

  • Hypothermia prevention

  • Patient carries/moves

CMIC Certificate

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