Tourniquet application Course


The Tourniquet Course is one-hour of straight tourniquets. We cover different types of tourniquets for varying patients. Not all tourniquets work best for everyone. Some are better for kids, elderly and dogs. Yes, dogs. Lots of practice putting tourniquets on and under time restraint. Average fatal arterial blood loss can occur in 60 seconds. You need to know how to get a tourniquet on effectively and fast. We build your skill, you increase your confidence.

No prerequisites.

All participants get:

1 free Rapid Application Tourniquet (RAT)
10% off Med Gear at Royal Range
$50 off Crisis Medical Intervention Course (CMIC) by Better Tactics
Tourniquet Application Course Certificate
Offer valid day of training only

Duration: 1 hr
Cost: $30



Tel: (615) 818-3078


7741 US HWY 70 South, Nashville, 37221

Cancellation Policy: For cancellations, please contact us 24 hours before the start date to avoid being charged.